Scholarship Support

The criteria for processing the scholarship support shall be;

a) Eligibility: The eligible dependants shall be biological or legally adopted children who are aged 24 years and below, unmarried and undertaking JKUAT undergraduate degree programmes. Exceptional cases to be dealt with as and when they arise.

b) Each family (and not individual employees of the same family) shall be eligible for scholarship support for up to a maximum of five (5) children.

c) When one child completes his/her course of study, the subsequent child shall qualify to take up the position of the child that completes a course.

d) The support (fees waiver) shall be on graduated percentages as follows:

First Child – 80% fee waiver
Second Child – 60% fee waiver
Third, fourth and fifth child – 40% fee waiver

e) The scholarship support shall constitute the respective percentage of fees for the following items:
• Tuition
• Examination
• Computer
• Internet
• Library
• Field/academic trips
• Attachments (External and Internal)

f) The scholarship support shall not cover fees for the following items payable to the University:
• Medical
• Activity
• Registration
• University ID card
• Student union
• Any other as may be set out by the University Senate.