Consultant clinics

Obs/Gynae Clinic (GOPC)
All Morning except Thursday: 8am -1pm:- Dr. A. Monyo                                                                     Thursday: 9 a.m. – Dr. M. Oketch

Physician Clinic/Cardiologist(MOPC)
Monday (2.00pm) and Friday( 11am)- Dr. P. Namasaka

Surgical Clinic (SOPC)
Tuesday: 2.30 pm – Prof. E. Opondo, Friday: 2pm- Dr. Reuben Thuo

Paediatric Clinic
Tuesday: 1.00pm – Dr. P. Mburungu/ Dr. J. Simba

Ear Nose and Throat Clinic
Thursday: 2pm – Dr. S Ngugi

Psychiatrist Clinic
Tuesday and Thursday: 2pm – Dr. J. Kitili

Dental Clinic
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 8am-5pm

Comprehensive Care Clinic (CCC)
Monday to Friday: 8am – 5pm
(The clinics DO NOT operate on Public Holidays)

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