Health counselling and testing section

The Health services department in collaboration with other stakeholders is highly committed to combating HIV/AIDS pandemic and mental health problems, and has undertaken activities geared towards HIV infection and mental health problems such as alcohol, drug and substance addiction/abuse and other psychological problems that may need psychological counselling, as well as psychiatric treatment.

In Health Counselling and Testing Section more than 75% of our work involves HIV Counselling and testing, the rest is general counselling. All these involve reducing distress, behavioural and psychological problems, promote mental health and rational behaviour in individuals and groups.

We work on a broad range of issues with clientele including children especially those who have been molested sexually, adolescents, young adults, adults, couples, families and schools.

The staff in the section are qualified and highly motivated. Their chief aim is to ensure that quality services are offered while ensuring customer satisfaction in order to help realise the mission and vision of the University.



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