The Society of Lifestyle Scientists (SOLS) was started by students enrolled in the program of environmental horticulture & landscaping technology as a platform where members could exchange ideas relating to their field of environmental horticulture, landscape design, landscape ecology, environmental science and society. This is driven by increased concern over environmental quality of man’s surroundings due to the rapid transformation of the landscape affecting inherent natural and aesthetic forms. There is increasing demand therefore for professionals knowledgeable and skilled in the utilization of space and application of natural science and art to improve indoor and outdoor environments for long-term benefit to the users.
The field of Environmental Horticulture and Landscape Technology is broad. It is based on life and lifestyle. It explores the gifts of nature, energy of the sun and earth resources to beautify the world and improve human well being. In order to overcome the myriad of challenges in this profession, special skills and knowledge are required in order to deliver quality services and products to clients.
According to philosopher and scientist, Francis Bacon “God almighty first planted a garden, and indeed, it is the purest of all human pleasures.” Remember, nature provides the setting…you provide the mood. Be good stewards of our environment, won’t you?

The main objective is to advance professional environmental horticulture and landscaping practices for quality environment and quality lifestyle for all human beings.
Specific objectives include;
(i)    to create and promote awareness on lifestyle horticulture and landscape design practices and opportunities,
(ii)    undertake landscaping projects for service and generation of income,
(iii)    continuing professional education and the sharing of knowledge with colleagues.

1.    Offer volunteer clean-up and landscaping services to surrounding communities
2.    Participate in exhibitions, workshops and conferences
3.    Undertake landscape design and beatification projects for residential, commercial sites, thematic gardens and urban green spaces.
4.    Lectures by guest speakers on topical issues in lifestyle and environmental horticulture, landscape design and conservation.
5.    Visits to designated landscape sites
6.    Regular meetings and recruitment of new members



  •  Chairperson             Mr. Saitoti George
  • Vice chairperson       Mr. Joseph Ndungu
  • Treasurer                 Mr. Musembi Kioko
  • Secretary                   Ms. Nancy Rugendo
  • Vice secretary           Mr. Ian Asabwa
  • Org. Secretary         Ms. Elizabeth Wanyoike

Patron                        Dr. John Bosco Mukundi