Class 2014

BSc. Horticulture 4th Year research title and supervisors, 2015

Grp Names Reg. No. Research title Supervisor
1 Emmy Jerono AG231-0473/2010 Effect of different mulches on strawberry production Prof. Wesonga
Mercy Kamau AG231-0057/2010
Ivy Kinyua AG231-0062/2011
Earnest Kamau AG231-0078/2011
Nicholas Osinde AG231-0082/2011
2 David Mutunga AG231-0069/2011 Improvement of Post-harvest Longevity of Carnation Using Bees’ Honey Prof. Wariara
Dennis Wanjau AG231-0086/2011
Ednah Aciita AG231-0061/2011
Samuel Mutegi AG231-0077/2011
Diana Nyambura AG231-0071/2011
3 Robert Ngeno AG231-0054/2011 Evaluation of Effects of LIQUIDSEAL on Shelf life of Mango, Pawpaw and Avocado Prof. Wesonga
Alfred Owino AG231-0083/2011
Renny Ngeno AG231-0076/2011
Esline Maywa AG231-0053/2011
Titus Rotich AG231-0084/2011
4 Elizabeth Gathecha AG231-0056/2011 Screening for Resistance to Fusarium Wilt in Different African Indigenous Tomato Accessions Prof. Ateka
Frankline Mwenda AG231-0055/2011
Ann Kang’ethe AG231-0058/2011
Jonathan Njoroge AG231-0075/2011
5 Denis Kirui AG231-0064/2011 Effects of Water Stress on Growth and yield of Watermelon Dr. Hunja Murage
Esther Maingi AG231-0067/2011
Conrad Mutamba AG231-0085/2010
Brian Mwita AG231-0074/2011
Elizabeth Chemutai AG231-0052/2011
6 Livingstone Muiruri AG231-0072/2011 Use of Garlic and Pepper in Control of Cabbage Aphid (Brevicoryne brassicae) Prof. Wesonga
Victor Kimotho AG231-0066/2011
Kimutai Rono AG231-0060/2011
Frankline Kipruto AG231-0063/2011
Robinson Jomo AG231-0059/2011