Plagiarism information

The Department of horticulture and the entire JKUAT community has noted with concern the increasing cases of student plagiarizing others work. As we train you to become a professional in your subject area, you are responsible for choosing wisely how you represent yourself. Shortcuts are not tolerated in the science world, as they often lead to sub-par  research outcomes, and can lead to larger problems affecting society. Plagiarism is a situation where an author uses the thoughts or writings of someone else and claims credit for them as their own work. In researching ideas for your own writing, you will read the work of others to learn more about topics in your research area. When you go to write down what you know, you should be synthesizing ideas and issues learned in and out of class. Please understand that you are creating documents that reflect your own understanding of the science.  Please be informed that the department is developing a culture of scanning any submitted thesis or project to determine the level of plagiarism in it. Documents deemed to have higher than accepted levels of plagiarism will be rejected.