Core Values

Core Values   
The departmental core-values constitute the fundamental beliefs that drive the department. These beliefs must be cultivated, developed, up-held and sustained because they define expected standards of human behaviour and character. Their evolution is expected to develop into a tradition, convention and customs which would uniquely define the department. The values will guide the department to achieve the transformation of human conduct in governance and management practices. In this regard, the department of horticulture remains committed to the following core values:

  • Productivity:     Efficiency of resource use in all forms of organization and management in the public and private    institutions is the departmental anthem. Limited recourses should be allocated efficiently.
  • Quality:              Ensure adoption and adherence to systems and processes that guarantee provision of products and services that meet customer’ need expectations
  • Innovation:       Adapt and utilize latest and appropriate technology and practice in achieving efficiency and effectiveness   in service delivery.
  • Teamwork:       Inculcated and practice a participatory approach in the conduct of all activities and operations of the department.
  • Hard work:        The tenet of “six days ye shall labour and do all your work” holds dearly to the department.
  • Professionalism:    Ensure and maintain high standards in the discharge of responsibilities and delivery of services.
  • Accountability:    Demonstrate and take responsibility in all individual decisions and actions.
  • Transparency :    The person of the heart should be at one with the physical and the  mental person in dealing with individuals, community and the public.
  • Integrity:              Uphold honesty, faithfulness and truthfulness in all decisions and actions