Department of Horticulture on Curriculum Review Retreat

A team of staff from horticulture at Maanzoni for curriculum review

A team of staff from horticulture at Maanzoni for curriculum review and some scenery from nature walk.

A team of staff from the Department of Horticulture is on a retreat at Maanzoni Lodge undertaking curriculum review of horticulture programmes. The team is led by Dr. Fredah Wanzala, the Chairperson of the Department. The retreat which runs from Tuesday 16th January to Saturday 30th 2016 is sponsored by the Netherlands government under the Netherlands Capacity building in Higher Education (NICHE) programme. The review seeks to integrate labour market needs and gender sensitivity into the curriculum. It will transform the programmes in Horticulture to Competence based resulting in graduates that are more adapted to the labour market with competencies required by the industry. To support the revised curricula, the NICHE project also supports improvement of facilities. In this regard, the propagation/nursery area is set to receive a major face lift. This will provide students with the right environment to appreciate the knowledge received during lectures through practice. The department and indeed the University at large is grateful to the Netherlands government for the support.

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