Message from the Chairman

DR. Bernard Mbithi

Welcome to the department of General Nursing. This department was formed in April, 2015 under the School of Nursing and offers opportunities to both government and self-sponsored students. It strives to provide a conducive environment for students’ educational experiences that enable them gain knowledge, skills and ability to be lifelong learners. The department offers undergraduate courses in medical-surgical areas. In addition, the department offers masters programs in medical-surgical, critical care, pediatric and child health and oncology and palliative care nursing. These programs were developed to suit the changing local market demands and global health trends where students learn to provide care that is patient centered, evidence based, and grounded in quality and safety. The department boasts of a team of dedicated academic and technical staff who work tirelessly to ensure quality of our graduates. Student training involves exposure to course work, science labs, skills labs, hospitals, research institutions and community areas.
Welcome to our programmes that meet the criteria of the commission for university education, are globally competitive and places one at the helm in health care arena. Feel free to contact us for details.
Contact Information
Phone: +254 067 52711- Extn 4064, Cell +254 722321945

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