Research Projects

Topic: GREEiNSECT: Insects for green economy
Researchers: Dr. John N. Kinyuru, Prof Nanna Roos (Copenhagen), Prof. Monicah Ayieko (JOOUST)
Status: Ongoing

Topic: The hard to cook defect in common beans: towards food security and sustainability in sub-Saharan Africa
Researchers: Dr. Daniel N. Sila, Prof. Marc Hendrickx
Status: Ongoing

Topic: Improvement in mango production and value-addition: towards increased marketing, food sustainability and security
Researchers: Dr. Daniel N. Sila (PI), Dr. Fredah Wanzala, Dr. Urbanus Mutwiwa, Dr. James
Status: Ongoing

Topic: Modification of the fatty acid profiles of farmed tilapia and catfish for improved health and livelihood in Kenya
Researchers: Arnold N. Onyango, Peter W. Masinde, Keneth O. Ogila
Status: Ongoing

Topic: Nutritional Vulnerability Profiling Survey on Care and Treatment of Clients
attending Comprehensive Care Clinics in Kenya
Researchers: Dr. Yeri Kombe, Dr Ibrahim Mohamed, Dr Lydia Kaduka, Zipporah Bukania- Apungu, Dr. Florence Kyallo, Ruth Akelola
Status: Ongoing (April 2012-)

Topic: Nutritional quality, Toxicological Safety and Utilization of insects in Kenya
Researchers: Monica Ayieko and Glaston Kenji
Status: Ongoing

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