Core Values

Quality: The department shall always be quality driven in all its activities and operations.

Team work: The department shall maintain a cultue of teamwork to ensure synergy in the conduct of its activities.

Transparency: The department will maintain a culture of transparency in dealing with staff and students and all its stakeholders.

Accountability: The department shall on a continuous basis enhance its accountability systems and practices.

Professionalism: The department shall put emphasis on expertise and professionalism in the conduct of its activities and provison of service to all stakeholders.

Innovativeness: The department shall endeavour to utilize the latest, up-to-date and most appropriate technology inachieving its objectives.

Integrity: The department shall be honest, truthful and reliable in the provision of services to its customers.

Dynamism: The department shall be responsive and adjust its programmes and services to the changing national and global development needs.

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