Entrepreneurship, Technology, Leadership, & Management (ETLM) Department

Welcome to the Department of Entrepreneurship, Technology, Leadership, and Management (ETLM). Constituted in 2014, ETLM is among the 7 departments in the College of Human Resource Development (COHRED). The department offers a wide range of innovative programs designed to produce competent entrepreneurs and executives in diverse areas for different sectors of the economy. The Entrepreneurship, Technology, Leadership, and Management (ETLM) department enjoys the wealth of a talented team with a vast and multidisciplinary experience. It attracts students across Africa who join to study at post graduate levels. It produces many post graduate students and has become a destination of choice for many students. The department is blessed with many professionals at higher levels of academia. We are blessed with many leading professors and doctors who are vital during teaching ,research and community engagement. The department has an array of programs at diploma,degree,masters and doctorial levels. the department is active as far as engagement with government agencies as well as other universities locally and globally is concerned. At ETLM we believe in striving to become leaders in teaching, research and innovation.The leadership and staff of ETLM will be happy to welcome prospective students in various levels as well as stakeholders who would want to partner with us РDr. Jane Gathenya, COD, ETLM Department.

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