Foundry Workshop

Students FILLINGilling up a Sand Mould with Molten Aluminium

Students filling up a Sand Mould with Molten Aluminium

This is one of the key workshops in the department.  In the world over, foundry industries play a vital role in the industrial development of nations.  Products from foundries range from ornamental castings weighing a few grams, to massive ship building parts weighing several tonnes.

Foundry technology involves moulding, melting and casting of parts; that is, producing castings by filling the prepared moulds with molten metal alloys. This is a unique primary metal processing method which must be imparted to most engineering students. The practical work enables the students gain expertise and confidence in foundry activities.

The Foundry shop boasts of equipment including an oil-fired crucible furnace and an electrically-heated furnace.  These are used in teaching, training and research work.  Beneficiaries of such academic activities include undergraduate and postgraduate students, and lecturers pursuing specialized research in aspects of metal casting such as solidification, crystallization and alloying. Most of these research works have been done using aluminium alloy.

This section has not been left behind in product innovation and development. Some of the notable innovations include parts of machines like the Fruit Pulper, Hydram Pump, Centrifugal Water Pump, and Pelton Turbine.

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