Brief History

The History of Engineering Workshops Department dates back to 1981 when the institution (formally Jomo Kenyatta College of Agriculture and Technology – JKCAT) first admitted students to pursue Engineering (Architecture, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical) and Agricultural (Food Science and Post Harvest Technology, Horticulture, Agriculture) courses.  The department provided the essential practical skill-development facility for students with equipment donation from the Government of Japan.  The department also housed workshops for the Agricultural Engineering department until 1992 when a separate complex was put up to accommodate increased number of students in this field.

From the onset, the Engineering Workshops Department has had  a number of Heads of Department and other senior members of staffs, some of whom have since left University employment.  Some of the notable senior members of staff who had an opportunity to head in the department included;

Mr. N. Boro was the First Manager and served From 1990 to 1994

Mr. Robert Mutevu was the Second Manager who served From 1994 to 1998

Mr. D. M. Waweru was the Third Manager and served From 1998 to 2001

Eng. B. K. Kariuki was the Fourth Manager who served From 2001 to 2008

Mr. Njogu Wakarini served as the Fifth Manager From 2008 to 2013

Dr. Peter K. Kihato  served as the Sixth Manager From 2013-2020

Mr. Daniel Omondi Onyango took over from Dr. Peter K. Kihato on 7th September 2020 as the Seventh Manager and has been serving as the Manager from then-to-date.

Current Head of Department

Mr. Daniel Omondi Onyango

                                                           Former Heads of Department

                                                                                                             Dr. Peter Kihato (2013-2020)                           Mr. Njogu Wakarani (2008-2013)


                                                                                                Eng. B. K. Kariuki (2008-2013)                                 Mr. D.M. Waweru (1998-2001)

Mr. Robert Mutevu (1994-1998)                              Mr. N. Boro (1990-19994)

Special Project Leaders


Mr. S. K. Ngugi (Walking Tractor )             Prof. (Eng.) John Kihiu (Walking Tractor)

Over the years, these professionals have transformed the Engineering Workshops to the current vibrant status, and inculcated a culture of hard work and dedication.

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