Internal Attachment Resumes in Grouped Phases

As COVID-19 continues to barge into normal life activities across the world, people from different walks of life have been forced to innovate ways in which to wade through these murky waters. Loss of jobs, interruption of learning, closure of businesses among many other effects are what people have been forced to experience thereby provoking thought on the best ways to find solutions to this impediment.

In the quest for a workable solution, as a result of meetings between the Engineering Workshops Management and the different Engineering Departments under the College of Engineering and Technology Management caucus, finally a beam of white smoke on the internal attachment resumption has been realized. The attachment was cut short mid-way due to a presidential directive to suspend all in-person learning activities in all institutions.   

According to the resumption plan which takes off from Monday 26th April 2021, the attachment will be done in phases to help reduce backlog of contact hours. Scheduled first are students of Civil Engineering and those of Agricultural Biosystems and Environmental Engineering. Their timetable runs from 26th April 2021 to 25th June 2021. The schedule is modeled in phases to ensure the COVID-19 protocols are adhered to.

Click here for the Attachment Timetable

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