Internship and External Attachment Rolled-out at The Engineering Workshops

The Interns/Attachés at the Innovation and Production workshop during the orientation

As a result of increased interest by Engineering graduates and students from across the country, the Engineering Workshops has commenced a program of blending Internships for graduates and Industrial Attachment for students who might have missed out in finding a place for external attachment.

While welcoming the successful candidates for the program during their orientation at the Workshops’ Boardroom, the Engineering Workshops’ Manager Mr. Daniel Omondi emphasized the overwhelming interest meted on the program. He pointed out that for them to have been selected it was statement enough that they had proven through information they gave in their application, that indeed they were the right candidates to benefit from the program.

The Interns/Attachés at the Plumbing workshop during the orientation

The Manager, drew the attention of the Interns/Attachés on the richness of resources at the Workshops that spans from equipment to qualified and competent staff, unique training methodologies as well as work culture. He asked them to watch and listen keenly while challenging them to interact well with what is available, interrogate and understand how things work, develop professional etiquette thereby linking theory to the real world of work.

Some of the Intern/Attachés working on an assignment at the Welding workshop after starting the program

                                                         Through his speech during the orientation meeting, the Manager promised the Interns/Attachés that the Workshops’ Management will appreciate their training needs and structure the program in a manner to meet those needs. He underpinned the significance of Industrial Attachment as an inevitable practice that has since become a creator of sustainable human resource which leads to increased Industrial productivity. This he said while outlining the beneficiaries of Industrial Attachment which he categorized into three:
                 1. Students
                 2. Tertiary Institutions and
                 3. Host Organizations/Companies

In closing, the Engineering Workshops’ Manager spelt out the contractual rules and regulations of engagement with the Interns/Attachés indicating that they were to become employees of the University during the period they shall be on Internship/Attachment and also listed to them the various benefits they were to enjoy while at the Workshops.

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