Internal Attachment Resumes in Grouped Phases

As COVID-19 continues to barge into normal life activities across the world, people from different walks of life have been forced to innovate ways in which to wade through these murky waters. Loss of jobs, interruption of learning, closure of businesses among many other effects are what people have been forced to experience thereby provoking thought on the best ways to find solutions to this impediment. In the quest for a workable solution, as a result of meetings between the Engineering Workshops Management and the different Engineering Departments under the College of Engineering and Technology… Continue reading →

Interruption of Activities at the Engineering Workshops

The government suspended all in-person learning in all institutions including universities due to the surge in new cases of COVID-19. As a result, regretfully, we wish to inform all students and other relevant stakeholders of activities within the Engineering Workshops that Internal Attachment that were going on for Academic Year 2020/2021 stand suspended from Monday 29th March 2021 until further notice. However, individual research activities and income generating activities like fabrication of equipment are still ongoing. We hope that there shall be new development soon that would allow resumption of all activities within the Workshops… Continue reading →