Renovation Works Notice

Due to the ongoing renovations at the department, our administrative office has been temporarily relocated to the Motor Vehicle Workshop. The new location shall be in operation for the entire duration of the renovations, and shall revert back to the original building after September 2015. Efforts are being made also to connect the office with telephone and internet access. We regret any inconveniences caused to our customers. However, all services shall be rendered as usual. Note that when accessing the Engineering Workshops, kindly use designated walkways and be ware of moving trucks. Speed limit of… Continue reading →

Resources for Teaching Staff

The listed resources are available for use by ALL Teaching Staff servicing Workshop Practice and related units. Follow the links below for details: 1. Internal Practical Attachment Student Attendance List 2. Internal Practical Attachment Timetable 3. Internal Practical Attachment Student Assessment Form F-2-58-6-3 4. Workshop Utilization Schedule 5. Classroom Utilization Schedule 6. Request for Workshop Preparation for Practicals Form F-28-82-1-1 7. Workshop Practice Report Form F-2-82-3-2 Kindly note that advanced booking should be made for ALL intended use of Engineering Workshops facilities.

Student Resources

The following resources are available to ALL Students attending theory and practical sessions within the Engineering Workshops. You are therefore encouraged to ensure that you obtain the relevant information on time by downloading respective resource by clicking on the links below; 1. Engineering Workshops Safety Guidelines (for first-time Students) 2. Internal Practical Attachment Logbook 3. Internal Practical Attachment Timetable 4. Internal Practical Attachment Student Grouping 5. Classroom Utilization Schedule (Second Semester 2014-2015 Academic Year) 6. Workshop Utilization Schedule (Second Semester 2014-2015 Academic Yer) 7. Student Clearance Form 8. Drawings of Practical Exercises 9. Student Injury… Continue reading →

Professors from Okayama and Tottori University to visit JKUAT

Three Professors from Japan will visit the University early May 2015. During their visit, Professor Akira Okada (Okayama University), Associate Professor Atsutaka Tamura (Tottori University) and Assistant Professor Takahiro Akao (Tottori University) will present interesting topics in a seminar organized by the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, JKUAT. The Seminar will be a precursor to the Sustainable Research and Innovation Conference, an annual International conference of the School. The seminar presentations are scheduled for the 4th May 2015 and will cover topics including innovation and product development in Japan (Monozukuri) and Biomechanical studies on… Continue reading →

2014-2015 Internal Practical Attachment

The 2014-2015 Internal Practical Attachment for the College of Engineering Students will begin in May 2015 and students in their second year of study will have the opportunity to use all the machines and equipment in the various Workshops. As a prerequisite to attending the attachment, students will be taken through a thorough safety and health session to prepare them for safe working within the shops, and operation of the various machines and equipment. Note that for admission to the program that is compulsory, students are highly encouraged to be appropriately dressed in shoes with… Continue reading →

Upcoming Innovation and Prototyping Integrated Centre

Work on the proposed Innovation and Prototyping Integrated Centre (iPIC) at the Engineering Workshops begun in earnest on 25th March 2015 after the contractor – Mellech Engineering and Construction Company – assembled his team of Engineers, Supervisors and other professionals. The building works is scheduled to run for six months and is expected to house modern innovation and prototyping equipment. The development of this important infrastructure in the department comes at a time when the demand for innovations from JKUAT is at its peak, and the operationalization of the Centre will greatly enhance the capability… Continue reading →