Bachelor of Architecture (2nd Tier)

This course is the second part of the Two-Tier programme comprising the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (4 Years) and the Bachelor of Architecture (2 Years).

Upon Successful completion, one can take up the following career path for registration as an Architect:

  1.  To work as Graduate Architects under supervision of a Registered Architect.
  2. To be then be registered by the Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors (BORAQS) as Architects upon successful completion of internship and passing a professional examination.
  3. To become a corporate members of Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) after application and upon registration as an Architect by BORAQS.

Course Units:


ABA 2501 Research Methodology I
ABA 2502 Architectural Conservation Studies
ABA 2503 Project Costing & Management
ABA 2504 Environmental Impact Assessment & Environmental Audit
ABA 2505 Advanced Architectural Design I
ABA 2506 Research Methodology II
ABA 2507 Architectural Practice & Management
ABA 2508 Building Law & Contract Administration


ABA 2601 Research Thesis Project
ABA 2602 Project Programming
ABA 2603 Design Thesis Project