Bachelor of Architecture

This course has been replaced by the Two-Tier Degree programme comprising Bachelor of Architectural Technology and subsequent two years Master degree in Architecture (Professional)

Course Units:


HRD 2101    Communication skills    (University Unit)
ABA 2102    Physics
SMA 2170     Algebra
ABA 2103    Chemistry
ABA 2104    History of Architecture I
ABA 2105    Architectural Communication I*
HRD 2102    Development Studies
(University Unit)
SMA 2171     Geometry
ABA 2108    History and Theory
of Architecture I
ABA 2109    Materials Science     I
ABA 2110    Physical Environment I (Ecology)
ABA 2111    Architectural Communication II


SMA 2172    Calculus
ICS   2421    Introduction to Computer Science
ABA 2203    History of Architecture II
ABA 2204    Material Science II
ABA 2205    Physical Environment II (Geology)
ABA 2206    Architectural Design I*
ABA 2207    Structures I
ABA 2208    Surveying
ABA 2209    History &Theory of Architecture II
ABA 2210    Workshop Technology I
ABA 2211    Environmental Behavior Study
ABA 2212    Architectural Design II
ABA 2213    PRACTICAL ATTACHMENT I (8 weeks) – equivalent of I unit


ABA 2301    Landscape Design
ABA 2302    Structures II
ABA 2303    History & Theory of African
ABA 2304    Building Env. Science I (Thermal)
ABA 2305    Building Technology I
ABA 2306    Architectural Design III*
ABA 2307    Computer Aided Design
ABA 2308    Structures III
ABA 2309    History of Architecture III
ABA 2310    Bldg. Env. Science II (Lighting)
ABA 2311    Building Technology II
ABA 2312    Architectural Design IV
ABA 2313        PRACTICAL ATTACHMENT II ( 8 WEEKS) – Equivalent of 1 unit


ABA 2401    Economics for Designers
ABA 2402    Structures IV
ABA 2403    Building Env. Science III (Acoustics)
ABA 2404    Urban and Regional Planning
ABA 2405    Building Services I
ABA 2406    Architectural Design V*and Interior Design
ABA 2407    Building Economics
ABA 2408    Building Technology IV
SMA 2272    Statistics
ABA 2410    Urban Design
ABA 2411    Workshop Technology II
ABA 2412    Architectural Design VI
ABA 2413    PRACTICAL ATTACHMENT III (8 WEEKS) – Equivalent of 1 unit

ABA 2501    Research Methodology
ABA 2502    Architectural Conservation Studies
ABA 2503    Management
ABA 2504    Human Settlement
ABA 2505    Environmental Impact Assessment and
Environmental Audit
ABA 2506    Architectural Design VII*
ABA 2507    Entrepreneurship
ABA 2508    Architectural Management
ABA 2509    Building Law
ABA 2510    Cost Planning and Control
ABA 2511    Research Methodology II
ABA 2512    Architectural Design VIII


ABA 2601    Thesis and Research Project
ABA 2602    Project Programming
ABA 2603    Design Thesis

All Courses have 1 x 3 examination hr/paper. All studios and final year (6th) are examined by course work.