Bachelor of Architectural Studies (B.A.S.)

This course is the First part of the Two-Tier programme comprising the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (4 Years) and the Bachelor of architecture (2 Years).

It concerns both planning and designs of the built and natural environment. Emphasis is on art approach to design. Upon completion of the 4 years, holders of Bachelor of Architectural Studies can take up the following career paths among many others:

  1. They can work as assistants to registered Architects, Project Managers, Contractors, etc.
  2. They can work in project implementation teams.
  3. They can apply for the Bachelor of Architecture Degree to become eligible for registration as Architects
  4. The can pursue other professional degrees in design-related fields such as interior design, product design as well as Architectural Conservation
  5. They can apply for M.Phil programmes in Design related fields.


Course Units:


HRD 2101 Communications Skills
ABA 2101 History of World Architecture
ABA 2102 Solid Geometry
ABA 2103 Ecology of Building Materials
ABA 2104 Architectural Communication I
HRD 2102 Development Studies
ABA 2105 Building & Workshop Technology
ABL 2108 Environmental Geomatics
ABA 2107 Structures For Architects I
ABA 2108 Architectural Communication II
SZL 2111 HIV and AIDS


ABA 2201 Building Services
ABA 2202 Structures for Architects II
ABA 2203 History of African Architecture
ABA 2204 Architectural Communication III
ABA 2205 Architectural Design I
ABA 2206 Building Technology I
ABA 2207 Building Services & Workshop Technology
ABA 2208 Architectural Communication IV
ABA 2209 History & Theory of Architecture I
ABA 2210 Architectural Design II
ABA 2211 Practical Attachment – Internal


ABA 2301 Sustainable Design
ABA 2302 Interior Design & Detailing
ABA 2303 History and Theory of Architecture II
ABA 2304 Building Environment Science I (Thermal)
ABA 2305 Architectural Design III
ABA 2306 Building Technology II
ABA 2307 Building Economics
ABA 2308 Environmental Behaviour Study
ABA 2309 Building Environment Science II (Lighting)


ABA 2401 Introduction to Research Methodology
ABA 2402 Urban Studies
ABA 2403 Building Environment Science III (Sound)
ABA 2404 Entrepreneurship
ABA 2405 Architectural Design V
ABA 2406 Project I
ABA 2407 Project II




74 thoughts on “Bachelor of Architectural Studies (B.A.S.)

  1. why did jkuat change …bachelor of architecture to architecture technology…..what is the advantage of changing? or is just the same ,? admin plizz help

    • Hello Bonny,
      The Change was timely in keeping up with the trends in Architecture training globally. It also allows students an exit option at 4th year to other design professions other than Architecture. Previously, Students had to undertake the entire six years to get a degree and it was thus disadvantageous to those who develop other interests along the years.


  2. if i pursue the course i will still be an architect?? plizz advise me if the course is highly marketable in kenya…..what are the career options…..thanks in advance

    • Hello Bonny,
      Thank you for your interest in studying Architecture. Kindly refer to the “About Us” page on our website for career paths.

  3. Hello,
    I am very interested in your course ….just a question on my mind though ; what would you say are the specific benefits of studying architecture at JKUAT rather than at any other institution offering it say UON or TUK ?
    thank you

    • Hello Mumbi,
      Each University has its own benefits that a student can gain. However, the nature and extend of benefits greatly depend more on the individual student. One can only derive benefits if they take interest and have a self drive without which no benefits can be realized.


  4. Am interested in taking architecture at jkuat as a self sponsored student.the problem is,i didn’t take physics in high school but my grades are good.can i make it.

    • Hello Sakwah. Physics is a requirement for admission, you therefore do not meet the requirements. The application deadline for the September intake also expired on 1st July 2015. We regret that you cannot be admitted into the program.

  5. Hi,
    I have attained a Diploma in Technology(Architecture) from the Technical University of Kenya previously known as The Kenya Polytechnic.I would like to further my studies in your institution to attain B.Arch Tech as self sponsored student,Having taken a diploma on the same would that be considered in my application or will i have to start a fresh from 1st year also, after attaining the B.Arch Tech can i be registered as an Architect.

    • Hello Kenedy
      Thank you for your interest in pursuing the B.Arch Tech Degree in this University. Having attained your Diploma in Architecture will be considered in your application for first year. A B.Arch Tech alone is not adequate for registration as an architect Kindly check the information on this page and on the Master of Architecture (Professional) for more details.

  6. With a Diploma in architecture (JKUAT) will i be exempted from some some academic years when I want to proceed to the degree level?

    • Hello Eric
      When you want to proceed to the degree level, you will need to come with your Diploma transcripts to the University after which you will be advised.


  7. Do you mean that anyone who didn’t apply by 1st of July cannot get into the September programme?
    Even if he/she is a selfsponsored student (parallel)

  8. How much does it cost for the self sponsored students to pursue the degree?? When will be the next intake??

    • Hello Kelvin
      Kindly download the Brochure with “Fee Structure” on this page. Next Intake will be September 2016 with applications open between April and June 31st 2016.

  9. Am interested in this course,but due to jab i have been selected for another course. can i change to this course when i am admitted and still qualify even if i failed in physics but at list i did physics in High School.

    • Hello James.
      Changing of courses within the university is based on a number of factors. An example is when there is availability of space when a student who qualified and had been called to pursue the course fails to report. You also need to find out about the course you have been selected for as well as other courses offered at the university so as to keep your options open. Quite a number of courses if not all in this university require a very good background in physics. For you to succeed in whichever career you choose, you must constantly work hard, not just “at least work”.

  10. I am interested in Bachelor of Architectural Technology but I was chosen to pursue Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (JKUAT).Is it possible for me to change to Bachelor of Architectural Technology?

    • Hello Maxwell
      You first have to report to University then during the permissible period, you can apply to change. It is not automatic, there must be available spaces in the course you want to change to.

    • Hello Joan,
      I don’t understand your question. Diploma and degree are very different so you cannot move from one to the other. Within the degree, it is also not easy to change your course.

  11. have been called to do agribusiness in your institution as government sponspored student but my interest was in architecture is it possible to change to architecture after reporting? i did well in my kcse and i did attain the cluster points for architecture in your institution

    • Hello Robert.
      I have already answered that question several times before. kindly refer to the comments given to Maxwell as well as James. Hopefully there wont be anyone else asking about changing courses after admission…

  12. I have been called to do BSc in zoology but i feel like changing it to do diploma in architecture.will that be possible?

  13. Hi ,i have been called to persue a course in zoology but am interested in doing diploma in architecture .is it possible for that to be changed?

  14. i would like to apply for this course for a september intake in the parallel program is it possible?/?

  15. 2014 kcse mean grade 58 B- having met all qualifications for B.Arch except phy with C but am currently brigding phy at KSC UON,KINDLY WILL I QUALIFY FOR B.ARCH WITH A PHY BRIDGING CERTIFICATE ?PLIZZ HELP

  16. Hi, my sister has been selected for a self sponsored program for Bachelor of Architecture. I was directed that classes for self sponsored students are not carried out in JKUAT main campus but rather another institute called NIT in Westlands. Is this true? Will the self sponsored students not learn in the same place (campus) as government sponsored?

    • The Westlands Campus is a branch of the Main campus. The program taught is exactly the same and the examinations carried out are also the same. Students from both campuses get to interact quite often both during Design projects as well as field trips. The progress of an individual student will depend on their personal motivation and hard work rather than with whom they learn with.

    • Hello Shadrack. Both courses are involved with artistic and scientific approach to design. The landscape deals with outdoor spaces i.e environmental aesthetics and natural habitats while architectural technology deals with built spaces.

  17. I am a student who attained the credit and above in the Diploma in Architecture mark from NIT Westlands and i have been waiting on the admission for the Bachelors in Architectural Technology for the September intake. I applied in May and recently submitted my portfolio and letter of employment for the minimum one year work experience needed, and i have not yet gotten a response from the school which has been reluctant to give me and my colleagues the information we require to know when we are supposed to join the programme.
    Kindly assist with any concrete information.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Faith
      thank you for your interest in pursuing bachelor of Architectural Technology. You should get communication from the School within this coming week. kindly be patient.

  18. Hi, I was selected to pursue bsc. in architecture but my question is about the requirements, specifications of the T-square

    • Congratulations Sifa. While purchasing the items. Only buy from reputable shops and inform the attendant that you are pursuing a course in Architecture they should assist you pick the right one. Look at for a good quality that will last you and give you good service. The scales used are usually different from engineering, Surveying, etc.

  19. I would like to inquire on the admission requirements and the application
    procedure for a Barchelor in Architecture. I am from Zimbawe and i
    graduated with a Diploma in Architectural Technology from Bulawayo
    Polytechnic in Zimbabwe in 2013 and have been working as an architectural
    technician for the past 2 years.

    Please advise me on the procedures i must follow to apply to study at your

  20. I have a national diploma in building and construction engineering,am I eligible to do a degree in Architectural technology even if my grade was low

    • Hello William.
      Eligibility can only be determined once you apply and all your grades are known especially from Secondary School. The national diploma may be an added advantage although you already state that your grade is low. Kindly apply for Next year’s intake and best of luck.

  21. Hi,
    I graduated from TUM, Technical University of Mombasa formerly MPUC, Mombasa Polytechnic University College with a Diploma in Arch. When i joined the institution it was MPUC a constituent college of JKUAT in 2012, having known that the course was offered by JKUAT but during my second year the institution became a fully University and changed to TUM.
    My question now comes, can I be excempted from some academic years or should begin from 1st year having attained credit from TUM.
    Secondly, where do self sponsored students take their courses from Main campus or NIT?
    NB Am planning to apply for 2016 intake.

    • Thank you Shem for your interest in Pursuing a Bachelor of Architectural technology degree from JKUAT. You may apply to join first year. Should you be accepted, you will undertake your course at main campus.

  22. i have diploma in building technology from Dedan kimathi university but i failed maths and physics
    can i qualify for B.arch.


    • Hello Geoffrey
      Maths and physics are key components of B. Arch. Your new qualification is the Diploma which if accompanied with adequate portfolio from industry attachment can qualify you to start the B. Arch Tech from 1st year.

  23. Hello i graduated at Machakos university with a Credit in Diploma in Civil engineering ,can i qualify to pursue B.Arch there at jkuat ..?

    • Hello Kipkirui,
      A diploma in civil engineering is an added advantage. You can apply, attaching your transcripts as well as your KCSE during the next intake.


    • Hello Olgah,
      Currently, Bachelor of Architectural technology is only offered at Juja Main Campus.

  24. Hi
    I have attained a diploma in Architecture from Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI),I would like to further my studies in your institution to attain B.Arch.Tech as a self sponsored student,having taken a diploma on the same would that be considered in my application or will have to start from 1st there application for January intake 2018? because I want to join your institution please advise

  25. have attained a diploma in Architecture from Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI),I would like to further my studies in your institution to attain B.Arch.Tech as a self sponsored student,having taken a diploma on the same would that be considered in my application or will have to start from 1st there application for January intake 2018?

    • Hello Daisy.
      Kindly apply with your CV and portfolio and the board will advice which year you can start from.


  26. Hi, does NIT offer diploma in architecture or architectural technology or it just the same thing?.. Thank you

  27. Hallo,
    Is Bachelor of Architectural Technology still offered at NIT and can I apply directly from NIT if that is where I want to study from?

  28. Can I apply for architecture by being self sponsored I dd physics and passed but i didn’t do any technical subject?

    • Hello Joan,
      Please apply. All applications are thoroughly evaluated by the board for consideration.
      thank you

  29. Hey ,i applied for bachelor of architectural technology in April
    How long does it take for me to know if am in?

    • Hello Derick
      You should be notified any time from now if you haven’t already.

      Thank you

  30. I did my diploma in architecture in NIT and I would like to join the degree program which year will I join and the steps that i should take to apply

    • Hello Felix.
      You should apply when the intake is advertised. From your portfolio and transcripts, you shall be notified which year you can join.
      thank you