The following are the admission requirements for the different programmes under the department of Architecture.

Diploma in Architecture: 6 Semesters
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) aggregate grade C or equivalent and grades C- in English/Kiswahili, Mathematics, Physics, Geography or Drawing and Design or Art and Design or History and Government or Chemistry (C Physical Science) OR A-Level Certificate with one (1) Principal Pass in Mathematics or Physics and two subsidiary passes or other equivalent qualifications as approved by the University Senate.

2-Tier Degree Bachelor of Architectural Studies/Bachelor of Architecture
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a minimum aggregate of B- (minus) and C+ (plus) as the minimum grade in cluster groups of 4 subjects which include: Mathematics, Physics, any subject from GROUP III (History and Government OR Geography OR Christian Religious Education OR Islamic Religious Education OR Hindu Religious Education); or 2nd GROUP (Biology or Chemistry); OR 2nd GROUP III OR GROUP IV (Home Science, or Art and Design or Agriculture or Aviation Technology or Computer Studies); OR GROUP V (French, German, Arabic, Music, Business Studies). OR JKUAT Arch. Diploma – Credit and above and 12 months refereed industry or travel portfolio (entry into 3rd year of Study) OR JKUAT Arch. Diploma – PASS and 12 months refereed industry or travel portfolio (entry into 1st year of study) OR Any other relevant qualification recognized by the University Senate.

Master of Urban Design; 2 Years
Applications should either be: Holders of a Bachelor’s Degree with at least a 2nd Class Honors (Upper Division) from JKUAT in relevant fields or from any other institution recognized by the JKUAT Senate, OR Holders of other qualifications recognized by JKUAT senate as being equivalent or higher than those specified above.

Ph.D Architecture
A holder of a Master degree in a relevant discipline recognized by JKUAT Senate may be registered for a Ph.D in the department




109 thoughts on “Admissions

  1. I have been considering to pursue Bachelor of Architecture. So far I have seen the course outline and the admission requirements.

    I am however looking for the fee structure. This is a very big piece of information for me to consider the possibility of enrolling for the above.

    Please send me the fee structure on email in order for me to make an informed decision.

    Joseph Akola.

  2. Has the admission process for these who applied in May 2015 for the September 2015 intake for Bachelor of Architectural Technology (self sponsored) been concluded.


  3. Good Afternoon. Seeing as the kuccps results will be out in late July will there be a provision for students to be able to apply for self-sponsored programme despite the 1st July deadline?

      • Hey Wycliffe
        Am Samuel and yesterday we were placed by kuccps according to how we applied. I was placed in JKUAT but with a different course though I also incorporated architecture. I had a B plain last year and am very passionate about architecture. But I was allocated a course in bioengineering which I dislike
        My clusters are at per because I had an average of B plain in all the cluster subjects. Would I have a chance in your school while changing the course to architecture.
        And how long does architectural studies take fpr one to fully complete the course. Please help

        • Hi Samuel.
          After admission, there will be a window for course transfer during which you can apply for transfer to Architecture or similar course depending on availability of space in the event that some students who were placed fail to register.
          Architecture takes 6 years with an exit option after 4th year.

          Kind Regards,

  4. Hi….When will the people who applied for bachelor of architectural technology for this years September intake be informed they have been selected?

  5. Hello, what are the applications deadlines for 2018 intake for architecture and which months do you have intakes within the year?

  6. I wanted to ask that is it possible for a student to get admissionin the college if he has a D in maths, phy, geo and a C in English but these marks are of necta of Tanzania. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks

    • Hello Qaidjohar,
      Successful admission is based on the board looking at your credentials irrespective of the country where you studied. Maths, Physics and Geography are all important subjects in the Study of Architecture and therefore you do not qualify.

  7. I done a diploma in architecture from Kenya Institute of Highway and building Technology and I would wish to pursue Bachelor of Architectural Technology in JKUAT, is that possible?

  8. Hello, I would like to know according to the new system of if you have a diploma you don’t start at first year, does it apply to the Bachelor of Architectural Technology in JKUAT? Even when the diploma score is a pass?

    • Hello Peter.
      With a Pass in Diploma you will have to work in the industry for 12 Months then apply to join First year.
      Thank you.

  9. Hey
    Is it possible for one to join the course through the module 2 even though all the requirements are not met…having got a C in physic

    • Hello Njenga.
      Am not sure i understand your question. All applications are carefully considered by the board before admission is offered.


  10. Hello, I got a D plain in my KCSE and I was adviced to do certificate in Building technology for 2 years So is it possible for me to apply for architecture at a Diploma level?

  11. Am a diploma student of architectural engineering frio Rift valley technical training institute and need to pursue degree in architectural what are the procedure and requirements needed

    • Hello Brian.
      Kindly apply whenever it is advertised. Your application will be reviewed and you shall be advised.
      Thank you

  12. Hey,have you implemented the credit transfer system that enables a diploma student to join the degree programme in second or third year?

  13. I am interested to take construction management. I had b with maths a-, physic b , Chem b- geography b- , English c+. Do I qualifyvasbself sponsored. If I do, how do I apply

  14. Hello Jkuat,
    I have a Diploma in architecture from JKUAT with a credit qualifications, in addition with well performed in KSCE exam with C plus and above in the cluster subjects , am I eligible for credit transfer to third year to pursue B.Arch tech.?

  15. Hi. I would love to pursue the diploma in architecture.I scored a B plain in maths and a D plain in physics. Would it be possible?

  16. Hello, I recently made an application to the department to study architecture. So my question is, when will I know if i have qualified or not for i am hearing registrations in the college have commenced.

    • Hello Jane.
      Sorry the application window is closed. You may apply next year between March and April next year.
      Thank you.

  17. hello, I did my diploma for arch at NIT , the jkuat one n finished on august 2018, is it possible to join for the degree in 2019 since by the time you open for applications I will still be waiting to graduate for the diploma which am supposed to graduate in june, during your next graduation

    • Hello Harriet.
      Interior design is not yet offered. Kindly check in April 2019 whether it will have been launched for September 2019 Intake.

    • Hello Simon,
      Diploma intakes are done per semester so you can apply and you will be notified on the next available intake.

    • Hello Oscar.
      The application window for September intake will open in March 2019. Kindly look out for the advertisement and apply.

  18. Hello
    I got pass in JKUATdiploma in Architecture,will i qualify to join 3rd year degree in Architecture or else which other related course will i qualify for 3rd year programme.

  19. Hello…I am a Kenyan who did a different system from the 8-4-4…as a result, I do not have an index number…How do I apply for architecture?

  20. Hello Daniel , kindly inform on the intakes for ‘Bachelor’s of Architectural studies’. Does the school have multiple intakes like january and may and september intake or is it only the september intake.

    I ask that i may join next year but when should i apply. Thanks

  21. I did my diploma in architecture at kabete national polytechnic and desired to continue with my I qualify to join third year at your school with the September intake?

    • Hello Edward.
      You would still need to start from first year since you have to learn about Drawing and design skills as fundamentals for a good architect. we however acknowledge that you will have an advantage when it comes to understanding other matters related to the built environment.
      Thank you.

  22. Hello I got a credit in diploma in architecture and I would wish to pursue a degree in architecture,,could enlighten me on the fee structure,,,and when will the application window for 2020 September intake be opened.

  23. Hello,
    I have a child who is interested in architecture and she is doing Art in high school. I have not seen it in the clusters. Can she considered?

    • Hello Sheilla.
      All the students have to learn Free hand sketching in the first year. Learning Art in High School will give her an advantage in the first year of Study. To be considered for the course however, she will need to meet the minimum cluster requirements.
      Thank you.

  24. Hello Wycliffe i qualified for a diploma course in building technology in a different institution though I would like to join jkuat.Is a Diploma in Architectural technology same as building technology and if yes, is the diploma course offered

  25. Hello Wycliff
    I have got a holder degree in Mechanical Engineering,a graduate from UON,I was asking if i may get a chance to pursue B.Arch at JKUAT as a selfsponsored student(parallel)..Anything about portfolio&transcripts i got them.Can i qualify

  26. Looking for chance to be admitted in the faculty of Architecture having home through Diploma in Building Technology frm Kisumu Polytechnic and graduated with Credit in the Year 2019.

  27. With Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning from TUK, four years post graduation experience manifesting good CAD and place making techniques presented in portfolio, can I be considered for B.A.S?

    • Hello Fredrick.
      Kindly check on the different webpages of the various engineering Courses at Jkuat to see the minimum entry requirements

  28. Kindly send me the fee structure to enable me make a choice for my son who would like to persue a degree in architecture. Thanks in advance.

    • Check on course requirements. Everyone can apply but selection will follow the entry criteria outlined above with top candidates selected first to fill in the available slots.

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