Mission, Vision and Core values

Departmental Vision

An academic department of  global excellence in Training, Research and Innovation for development.

Departmental Mission

To offer accessible quality training, research and innovation in order to produce leaders in the fields of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Energy and the Environment to suit the needs of a dynamic world.

Core Values

  •  Innovation

The Department shall endeavor to innovate and apply innovations in advancement of appropriate  technology in biosystems environment.

  • Integrity

The Department shall promote, uphold and sustain social and ethical responsibility in engineering and the general society.

  • Quality

The Department shall endeavour provide quality training facilities and offer quality training to produce qualified and competent engineers and technologists.

  • Productivity and Team Work

The staff and students shall teamwork, effectiveness and efficiency in the performance of tasks to achieve departmental objectives and aspirations.

  • Transparency and Accountability

The Department shall uphold a culture of ethics, transparency and accountability when dealing with staff, students and other clients and stakeholders.

  •  Professionalism

The Department shall uphold high standards of expertise and professionalism in handling tasks towards meeting of departmental objectives.