Brief History

The Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABED)  is a successor to the Department of Biomechanical and Environmental Engineering (BEED), which was a successor to the Department of Agricultural Engineering.  The department is one of the departments under the School of Biosystems and Environmental Engineering (SOBEE), in the College of Engineering and Technology(COETEC), JKUAT.  Currently, the department is offering Bachelor of Science degree programme in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.  This is  a recently developed programme which is accredited by the Engineers Board of Kenya.  Graduates from this programme are expected to champion food security challenges including land preparation, planting technology, weeding technology, crop protection, harvesting technology and postharvest management of produce.  In addition, the graduates are expected to design, handle and give advice on  irrigation and management of ASAL lands, land reclamation, soil and water conservation structures, climate change and its mitigation, bioenergy resources and Biosystems Engineering.  They are expected to be agents of change in the Biosystems Environment in urban and rural areas.

The department of ABE endeavours to develop market driven curricula based on the needs of the industry and society.  Currently, two new programmes are at advanced stages of development.  The BSc Energy and Environmental Technology is awaiting prroval by the university senate.  In addition, BSc. Chemical Engineering, an engineering curriculum is awaiting submission to Engineers Board of Kenya, for consideration for accreditation.

ABED offers training at both Masters and PhD levels.  At the moment, the department has Master of Science in Agricultural Processing Engineering, Master of Science in Biomechanical Engineering, and Master of Science in Biosystems Structural Engineering.  In addition, the department offers PhD programmes in Biomechanical Engineering, Agricultural Processing Engineering, Biosystems Structures Engineering and Bioprocessing Engineering.

The department of ABE carries out research in collaboration with other departments in the broad Biosystems Engineering Environment.  The department has won several University, National and International  Research grants, as listed elsewhere in this website.  The research is usually championed by a team of staff, led by one Professor and three associate professors, seven senior lecturers, four lecturers, two assistant lecturers and one teaching assistant.