Dean of Students

The establishment of the Dean of Students office took place at the same time when JKUAT was established in 1981 as a middle level college. Later in 1989 it became a constituent college of Kenyatta University and finally attained its full-fledged University status in 1994 through an Act of Parliament.
The Dean of Students office has transformed itself over the years alongside the universities transformation that has largely been influenced by the JKUAT Act, vision, mission and the recent formulation of JKUAT strategic plan 2004-2014. It is important to note that this transformation has taken place under the backdrop of the challenges of increased student enrollment from an initial approximately 500 students to over 12,000 today. Besides this, the establishment and infrastructure has not transformed itself in tandem.

The Students welfare department plays a vital role in the sustenance of the University dealing as it does with the major stakeholders and our customers, the students. The department therefore has a major responsibility to ensure the stability of the Institution through delivery of the necessary welfare services to students, hence the welfare is also a core business of the University

Justification for the Strategic Plan

To ensure an effective, future-oriented Dean of Students office, there is need to have capacity to respond effectively to its relevant (current and anticipated future) context. To sustain this, it is necessary to chart out the road map to follow and leave room for flexibility in implementation over the years.


To provide excellent and equitable welfare services to students.


To create an environment that proactively anticipates and meets the diverse students needs, cost effectively and in a timely manner.

Mandate and Functions

1.    Coordination of the work of Wardens and Counselors, Catering and Accommodation    services, Sports and Games and Chaplaincy services
2.    Coordination of the award of student loans and bursaries
3.    Management of student clubs and societies
4.    Financial management

Core Values

•    Tolerance: The Dean of Students Office will promote tolerance among students of diverse origins.
•    Transparency: The Dean of Students Office shall uphold a culture of ethics and openness in dealing with her stakeholders in an open manner.
•    Accountability: The Dean of Students Office shall uphold accountability in dealing with her stakeholders.
•    Integrity: The Dean of Students Office shall promote, uphold and sustain social responsibility and environmental care.
•    Equity: This entails ensuring fairness and inclusiveness in service delivery and access to opportunities in the Office and to students and other customers.

•    Philosophy: Success of students’ welfare department will depend on visionary leadership, innovation and teamwork. We shall endeavor to train holistic students ready to face the challenges of a dynamic world.
Motto: Friendly, Fair and Firm
Value proposition: A home away from home for all students: it interrelates all students’ activities.

Strategic Objectives

•  To produce students who are self reliant and innovative as they face the world of work
•  Cultivate proper discipline and correct attitude that will be useful for development of the nation
•  To ensure that all students get financial assistance to see them through their academic programmes