COVID-19 Innovation Challenge Mounted to Combat the Scourge

Dr. Simba (2nd right) and Dr. Mugo (left) interact with some of the Agakhan High School students

JKUAT has been in the forefront in offering solutions and contributing to the global efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 scourge in the world.  From developing ventilators, producing sanitizers and masks to designing the modeling system that predicts COVID-19 infections trends in Kenya, the university has leveraged on existing human resource expertise to combat the pandemic.

To contribute to this noble fight in the Coast region, JKUAT Mombasa Campus in collaboration with Mombasa County, developed a COVID-19 Innovation Challenge for high schools in the county.

“In an effort to encourage young learners to critically think and develop innovative solutions to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Campus has partnered with the ICT and Education Departments of Mombasa County to run a COVID-19 Innovation Challenge for High-Schools in Mombasa County,” Campus Director, Dr. Fridah Simba explained.

The challenge, which has attracted 9 schools, is geared towards stimulating creativity and innovativeness among students while bringing out a value proposition for solving pressing challenges and problems related to COVID-19.

The schools namely; St. Charles Lwanga High School; Coast Girls High School; Memon Academy High; Mbaraki High School; Mama Ngina Girls High School; Star of the Sea High School; Agakhan High School; and Allidina Visram High School, will produce 27 teams with each school having 3 teams consisting of 5 students each.

The teams in each school will compete among themselves and the winners from each school will represent their respective schools in an inter school competition scheduled for November 12, 2021 at JKUAT Mombasa Campus.

Students ready and psyched for the COVID-19 Innovation challenge

While visiting AgaKhan High School to introduce the challenge, Dr. Simba urged the participants to think critically and look at a problem as an opportunity to offer a solution.

“I appreciate and commend you for taking the strides to embrace innovation at such a young age and urge you to give this challenge the effort it deserves as we continue combating the COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged the globe,” said Dr. Simba who was accompanied by her Deputy Director, Mr. Collins Ondago and Campus Assistant Registrar, Dr. Irene Mugo.

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