Computer based voting system

In an effort to resolve election challenges, JKUAT students have come up with a computer based voting system. This is as a result of research conducted by students, Adrian Mwai and Michael Mungai, from the department of Mechatronic engineering on the current voting system designed for JKUSO elections.

In the computer based voting system, voting takes place in three stages; voter identification, actual voting, and vote verification. Finger print biometric system is used for voter identification. After the voter is identified he proceeds to the actual voting where the preferred candidates are selected. With each selection of a candidate, a printout for the vote is produced which is deposited in an automatic tallying system where the votes are confirmed and counted simultaneously.

In this system, a voter only casts his vote once. When the polling station closes, the results can be printed and announced immediately. A paper trail for all the votes cast is kept for verification purposes.

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