Comprehensive Care Centre

The JKUAT Comprehensive Care Centre was established in 2002 and was initially based at the JKUAT hospital. It initially catered for HIV/AIDS and TB services but has expanded as a result of the synergy between the JKUAT Hospital and ITROMID through its partner ICAP/CHS. The centre has since moved to its own establishment at the ITROMID department.

The Comprehensive Care Centre now consists of the following client health service sections:

  • Clinical section
  • Counseling/nursing section
  • Laboratory section
  • Nutrition section
  • Pharmacy section

These sections now service and empower the entire JKUAT/Juja community under the directive of the director, ITROMID and Chief Medical Officer, JKUAT hospital.

The services offered by the clinic include:

  • ARV Drug provision
  • Clinical care for HIV/AIDS and TB
  • Community mobilizations-testing and counseling / wellness involving BMI (body mass index [wt v/s ht]), blood pressure measurements plus random blood sugar measurement
  • Counseling and testing clinic
  • Laboratory services
  • Nutrition services
  • Nutritive advice and food by prescription to those with nutrition challenges
  • Psychosocial group counseling
  • TB infection control measures