COETEC Holds a Mentorship Programme

Dr. Hiram Ndiritu makes his remarks

The College of Engineering and Technology (COETEC) held a mentorship programme in collaboration with planate for 4th ,5th and 6th year engineering students on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

Planate is an engineering firm that specializes in working in high-risk environments. They have worked in places such as Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Taiwan. They are currently in Kenya and have partnered with the university to provide internship opportunities to students to enrich their experience.

According to Chris Decker, the President of Planate and a Civil Engineer, the company has since its founding, made progress in the engineering industry, worked with engineering software that reduce costs, time and labor.

Their goal is to identify interns who are eager to work with them and shadow their program with the view of securing an employment. He noted that they intend to establish a Memorandum of Understanding with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) on internship opportunities.

“Technology is changing, and it’s not just about studying. Adapt to changes and push yourself to expand your network,” he added.

A student participates during the question and answer session

Senior Electrical Engineer at Planate, Susan Chege said students should be explicit in their communication and careful not to break any local laws while communicating.

Having worked for Planate for 5 years, Susan told the students that South Sudan and Afghanistan are high-risk locations where Planate is most likely involved, and urged them to be flexible and willing to operate in high-risk environments and the company will safeguard their safety.

Dr. Hiram Ndiritu, CoETEC Principal, acknowledged the working relationship with the company and assured the university’s   support in their joint efforts to enhance the number of internship opportunities.

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