Chaplaincy Holds Student Prayer Service

Prof. Ngumi giving her remarks during the prayer service

JKUAT Vice Chancellor Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi, lauded the University Chaplaincy and the Jomo Kenyatta University Students’ Association (JKUSA) leadership for organizing a prayer service for the students and staff. She commended the inclusive nature of the service, which involved various religions, emphasizing the importance of unity and harmony within the diverse university community.

In an uplifting sermon, Canon Charles Chege from the Anglican Church of Kenya Buru Buru spoke on the concept of aspiring to win and excel in all aspects of life. With unwavering faith, he encouraged the congregation to pursue their dreams and goals with a fervent desire for success. He emphasized that God has gifted man with time, a precious commodity which should cherished as a blessing. Time, in his words, is a gift that demands our careful stewardship.

“Believe in God’s unbounded power of faith, for with Him, everything is possible.” He said.

Speaking about the significance of the event, JKUSA Academic Affair Secretary, Gerry Nyaaori, emphasized the importance of fostering a sense of community and support among students. He said, “our university experience goes beyond academics; it’s about building lasting bonds and providing a nurturing environment. A prayer service unites us, regardless of our beliefs, and reminds us that we are here for each other.”

This sentiment was echoed by many congregants who found solace in the opportunity to pause, reflect, and connect with their fellow students. The service also served as a reminder that, in the face of academic challenges and the pressures of university life, there is a supportive community ready to stand together.

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Prof. Bernard Ikua, stressed the significance of the service that fosters unity among students and staff. He emphasized that this unity would play a pivotal role in the continued growth and development of the institution.

Prof. Ikua expressed his gratitude to the Chaplaincy for their unwavering support of the program. He further emphasized the importance of spiritual and communal bonds within the academic community.

A section of congregants during the Service

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