Change of Course

NOTE:  Your student email address DOES NOT change.

If you have changed your course, use registration number of the first course to access your details (if you had not done so before).

The Procedure:

A) If you are among the successful Students in the List from the Admin Block A Notice Board , Get your Change of Course Letter from that Systems Administrators Office within 7 days from the date of the Notice.

B) Go to your NEW School Administrator with that Letter to amend your details from the old to the new Programme. He/She should Delete the Units you had registered under the old programme.

C) Go to IEET Building Information Systems Office 2nd Floor to have your old registration number deleted so that you can create new portal account using the new registration number OR Email to using your student email indicating both your old registration number and new registration number. If you send an email, you will receive a reply on the same. It is Mandatory to register for your units in this system before the set deadline.

D) For eLearning (Online Common Units) go to their Elearning Office 1st Floor COHRED building near Assembly Hall to have your course programme and registration number changed (Present your Change of Course Letter as Proof).

Inter-Campus Transfer (any of the Jkuat Campuses)

If you make a transfer from one campus to the other, the Above still applies. If no email was created using your previous Registration number, then Send an email to  and attach scanned copy of your Letter from the Admissions Registrar’s Office.