Global refugee forum in Geneva, Switzerland.

On 11th – 19th dec 2019, JKUAT Nakuru campus student Achuil Dhieu Kueth, attended the global refugee forum held in Geneva, Switzerland.  The event was First global refugee forum. UNHCR was the main organizer. She is one of the refugee students’ delegates who represented JKUAT in that forum.  Each year the JKUAT welcome numbers of refugees. The refugees are usually from different camps within Kenya. We have students who sponsor themselves.  We have others are beneficiaries of Windle International Kenya. JKUAT has more than 110 students. This is mainly from South Sudan and more international students.  Majority of whom are the beneficiaries of the Windle International Kenya scholarship for refugees program in Kenya. JKUAT Main campus has 59 students who are the beneficiaries of the program. Karen campus has 43 students and Nakuru campus has 8 students. Prospective students can to apply for the courses through the university website.

Windle International Kenya, has a limited number of direct scholarships in tertiary education. We have various organizations who funds the tertiary programs. They are United Nations High Commissioner  for Refugees (UNHCR), World University Service of Canada(WUSC), DFiD, DD Puri Foundation, Global Affairs Canada (GAC), Windle Trust International UK and individuals . Students enrollment are for both public and private universities in Kenya and overseas countries. The central activity of the Windle International Kenya is provision of educational advice and career counseling. This is to ensure that qualified candidates make informed career choices.

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