Application Forms

Interested in pursuing a course at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) University but don’t know where to obtain application forms? You have come to the right place.

You can download the application form from one the links below, fill it in then drop it at the institution. They have different application forms – depending on the course you are applying for. Ensure you download and fill in the right form. Alternatively you have the option to apply online at the link on the homepage.

Degree Application Form

Diploma Application Form

KASNEB Application Form

Certificate in County Governacne Apllication form

Attachment Log & Report Books Format

Industrial attachment is an important part of technical training and is therefore compulsory session for each trainee. It is meant to give the trainee exposure in real-work situation. It also gives the trainee an opportunity to interact with the industry and apply the knowledge and skills acquired at various levels of training to real life experiences in a typical environment in the industry.
Some of the aims of industrial attachment include:
i. Exposure of trainees to latest technology in the industry
ii. For industry to assess relevance of skills the trainee has acquired and advises trainers.
iii. Gain insight into serious interpersonal and teamwork relationship that exists in industry.
iv. Attain a certificate of performance necessary for the award of respective Diplomas and                          Degrees  at the end of the course in line with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and                  Technology (JKUAT) guidelines.

The parents will meet the costs of industrial attachment programme. The institutions will then-co-ordinate all the stakeholders for smooth running by:
i. Arranging and preparing trainees
ii. Preparing the log books
iii. Supervising the programme to ensure, it is physically and effectively implemented.
iv. Evaluating the trainees,
v. Compiling all the data from stakeholders
vi. Disseminating the results

Industrial attachment is by and at large a practical learning session for the trainee. The industry and in particular the supervisors are exhorted to treat and guide the trainee with understanding and patience. The trainee, on the other hand, is strongly cautioned against failure to perform. All standards of any organization must be maintained, Where unsure always consult. During this period, the student is expected to be able to identify problems, and devise or use the established means of solving them in a given industrial setting.
She/he is also expected to relate well with the staff in any organization in dealing with the industrial challenges faced. Bellow is a list of various JKUAT approved Attachment logbook format

Attachment Logbook-DIPLOMA

Attachment Logbook-DEGREE

Attachment Logbook-MASTERS

Attachment Report Format


Unit Regsitration and Lecturer Evaluation Form

All students are expected to fill the unit registration and lecturer evaluation forms.

Bellow is the manual registration form

STUDENT Unit Registration Form

Student Lecturer Evaluation Form

Other Important Documents

Part Time Lecturers claim form


Project Supervision Form

Attachment Supervision Form

PhD Thesis Requirements

Development of Research Concept paper