Short Courses

The Executive Training Center in collaboration with various local and international partners trains in specialized technical and non-technical corporate level short courses. The Executive Training Center is situated at JKUAT Mombasa CBD Campus. The center has trained personnel for over 50 organizations and agencies. These include government ministries and agencies, parastatals, NGOs.

List of short courses offered:

  1. Corporate Leadership & Governance
  2. Strategic Management Course
  3. Administrative Skills Course
  4. Supervisory management course
  5. Senior managers’ leadership program.
  6. Project Management
  7. Environmental Impact Assessment for projects
  8. Projects Proposal-Preparation and appraisal)
  9. Fundamentals of Research Methodology
  10. Human resource management
  11. Public Procurement.
  12. Strategic purchasing and supply chain management
  13. Management of Customers and Front Office Public Relations
  14. Advanced public relations and customer care
  15. Advanced Records Management Course (Computer Based)
  16. Records management
  17. Tax Management for-profit and non – for-profit organizations
  18. Forensic Audit
  19. Cash and treasury management
  20. Advanced government accounting
  21. Computer Security and Maintenance
  22. Advanced ICT for executive assistants
  23. Executive Secretaries
  24. Management Course
  25. Quality management
  26. Marketing skills improvement program
  27. Logistics Management
  28. Disaster management
  29. Drug abuse management
  30. Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit
  31. Occupational safety, health, and environment
  32. County governance
  33. Retirement and pension planning
  34. HIV/AIDS and Development
  35. Peacebuilding, Conflict Management, and Resolution
  36. Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
  37. Security management
  38. complaints handling for legal officers

How to Apply

Payments should be made in Bankers Cheques in favor of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Mombasa CBD Campus, or direct deposits made to the university account: Kenya Commercial Bank accounts no 1107586933.

Applicants can download our application forms here. Duly completed forms with the relevant documentation should be deposited physically in the location indicated above or sent by post through the address indicated below to reach us at least three weeks before the course onset date.

For more information and registration please contact The Director, JKUAT Mombasa Campus Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, P. O. Box 81310-80100 Mombasa. Tel: 0412315434  Or email:

For more information please download our Calendar via the link below