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Campus Admin – Abdulqaadir Sharrif

In line with the University mission, JKUAT Mombasa Campus is committed to providing utmost accessible training, research and innovation for entrepreneurship to cope with the dynamic global trends. Mombasa Campus is strategically located at the heart of Mombasa City, a convenient and accessible location for all our students from different parts of the country. We offer efficient and customer friendly services, with strict adherence to academic rules and regulations while observing best practices in teaching and examinations.
Our programs are affordable and tailor-made for part-time and full-time students. We have day time, evening and weekend classes for those engaged in employment and would want to further their studies. Our programs are hosted by three key departments, i.e Business, Information Technology and Health Science departments. We offer Certificate, Diplomas, Degrees, Masters and PhD courses. The Campus runs three semesters in a calendar year enabling one, to plan their study program without fear or worry of disruption.
Quality teaching and learning resources are available for our students both in soft and in hard copies from our library. We encourage total commitment from our staff, who are qualified in their respective areas of specialization, as we work towards achieving world class ranks of excellence and becoming the pace setter in the coastal region.

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9 thoughts on “Campus Administrator

  1. Well put; very much enticing to the reader. I back this up and invite people to join the JKUAT family.

  2. Thanks so much.
    Pleasure to read this invitation…
    God bless thee Tr. Aggrey Wanyama.
    I wish you God speed.

  3. Is it possible for me to clear my research project in Strategic mngnt at Eldoret campus which is starting soon. I Finished my course work in Msa.

    • Hi Simiyu,yes it is possible, youll have to get a transfer letter from our campus.Though ad advise you otherwise since a project is something you can do away from the campus,you could just come during presentations or when you are to meet your supervisor instead of transferring.Thank you.

  4. Am interested in pursuing a PHD in Supply Chain Management (SCM) or its equivalent,
    kindly advice.