My name is Berryl Atieno Nyakako, and I am a JKUAT Mombasa campus alumnus.

You are the average of the five or ten people you spend your time with, so make sure you surround yourself with the right people. Also, keep an open mind and live life abundantly, take advantage of opportunities and remember that the worst thing that can ever happen is for someone to tell you no. Live your life like there are no obstacles to your potential, and remember that limitations only exist in your mind. The Earth will move wherever you tell it to.”

Hello, what you’ve just read are the sentiments of Berryl Atieno Nyakako.

Berryl received first-class honors in her Bachelor of Commerce degree- Human Resource Option

We were able to contact her, and this is the story of her JKUAT journey.

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My experience as a JKUAT student was fulfilling, humbling and challenging. I received great support from my lecturers, supervisors, fellow students, and family. Joining JKUAT – Mombasa Campus was one of the best decisions I ever made. It is my firm belief that success depends solely on hard work, determination, taking advice from relevant experienced mentors, and faith in God. I would definitely say that the best predictor of success is conscientiousness. Working on positive micro habits and integrating them into my daily studies resulted in timely graduation. I am glad I persevered. I remember I was over the moon every time I got an ‘A’ in any unit. Those particular moments created some of the most emotional responses I had ever experienced.

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The most valuable thing that I can highlight about the JKUAT MOMBASA CAMPUS is the excellent quality of its human resources, both the lectures and its administrative staff, always ready to assist and guide students throughout the training process, as well as post-completion. JKUAT has made my learning experience so memorable, distinguishing, and long-lasting.

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Given my experience as HR Officer in an international Organization, studying the BCOMM– HR program gave me the opportunity to better understand how it is to work in a diverse, multicultural group of people with absolutely different backgrounds and cultures. Being part of such a world-class university – JKUAT, with excellent lecturers, a hard-working class, and a global firm enabled me to learn and apply more about Global Facets of HR Functional Areas such as Business leadership, Benefits and compensation, Ethics and social responsibility, Diversity, Employee Relations, Labor relations, Safety and health of staffing and disciplinary procedures in HR management.

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The advice I can give to first years and continuing students and those yet to join this world-class institution is that succeeding in JKUAT is rather like succeeding in life. It’s really much more about you than it is about college that is already well established.

Always remember challenging and inspiring goals start with small steps. Bite-size, low-time-commitment habits can help you gradually achieve your goals in doable steps. Just a few minutes a day can lay the foundation you need to make your big dreams come true. JKUAT Mombasa Campus is ready to give you the best. If you haven’t started, start now; if you have started remain focused.


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