Training Workshop on Resource Mobilisation

Resource mobilisation involves all activities of acquiring new and additional resources for institutions. It also encompasses making better use of, and maximizing on, existing resources.

Legumes Centre of Excellence for Food and Nutrition Security (LCEFoNS) is organizing a Training Workshop on Resource Mobilisation from 4th to 8th September, 2017.

The intended participants of the Workshop are researchers.

They include;

  • LCEFoNS programme team members,
  • LCEFoNS programme students
  • Team members from other VLIR-UOS funded projects
  • Students in the other VLIR-UOS funded projects
  • JKUAT’s RPE (Research, Production and Extension) technical staff,
  • Faculty of Agriculture staff, School of Computing and IT staff, School of Mathematical Sciences staff.

Resource Mobilisation is crucial in ensuring sustainability of programmes/ projects.