Project 2: Storage and processing of legumes for convenient products of high nutritional value – Partners

The link between the department of Food Science and Technology and other universities and research institutions in the field of food science, technology, and nutrition is increasing. Collaborative research with Nairobi University, Kenyatta University, KALRO (Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization) etc. do exist. The department is working with the national government (Ministry of Agriculture) and County governments in postharvest handling, processing, and value addition of food/cash crops, dairy and meat products, cereals and legumes and horticultural produce. With regard to legumes, the recent MOU between JKUAT and East African Grain Council (active in 10 sub-Saharan African countries) is of interest as well as the interactions with the National Cereal and Produce Board (79 depots distributed throughout Kenya). JKUAT staff members participate in national agricultural policy formulation and support farmers through extension services. It is hoped that interaction with Pan African Beans Research Alliance and EcaBREN are important to the success of this project. Private sector player and industries like Njoro Canners, Cherubet, Premium foods, Smart Logistics Ltd, among others, are considered very important stakeholders and will be consulted to take part in annual stakeholder meetings as well as project dissemination activities.