Project 2: Storage and processing of legumes for convenient products of high nutritional value – Objectives

The general objective of this project is to increase the diversity of legume based value added products of high consumer acceptability taking into account the raw materials offered by project 1 and the nutritional data that will be obtained in project 3. This means that the long term objective is create a knowledge base in legume processing that allows for the development of new and improved convenient legume based foods that can become available to the Kenyan consumer (and beyond).

The general objective translates into the specific objectives of the project consisting of:

  1. the improvement research and dissemination practices in the field of legume processing at the department of food science and technology (allowing the creation of a sustainable knowledge base) and,
  2. the generation of knowledge and guidelines on legume processing available for uptake by stakeholders. This will focus on the translation of the knowledge in guideline documents that will create the starting point for activities of valorization in the second phase of the IUC programme.