Project 2: Storage and processing of legumes for convenient products of high nutritional value – Equipment & Facilities

A number of facilities do exist from the previous team project which can be summarized below:

Equipment Use

A HPLC Unit equipped with diode array detector and RID detector, bought in 2012

Analysis of phenolics, vitamins, flatulence causing oligosaccharides, antinutrients, sugars, among others

UV-Vis spectrophotometer, bought in 2012

Food components that are sensitive within the UV-Visible light range: pectin composition and content

Texture analyzer, bought in 2013

For determining the textural properties of food components: hardness of legumes, firmness of fruits, cooking behaviour of beans, among others

Expected new equipments include

(i) NIR equipment (fast screening methods),

(ii) water baths (for sample heating in different analysis),

(iii) colorimeter (for bean color measurement and its evolution during storage and processing),

(iv) centrifuge (to be used in cell wall material isolation procedures), and

(v) a light microscope (to be used to evaluate the structural build-up of processed materials).