Project 2: Storage and processing of legumes for convenient products of high nutritional value – Activities

The specific objectives have been translated to activities in line with the core functions of JKUAT:  capacity building, research, and outreach/extension. The first is human and infrastructure capacity building and sustainability related activities that focus on effective research training of PhD (2) and MSc (5 local and 1 international). This is applicable for existing/future staff members of FST. The project will procure 4 equipments for research (NIR Spectrophotometer, colorimeter, water bath, centrifuge, and microscope). In relation to research, the project will focus on the development of simple screening tools for identifying sensitivity of legumes to the hard to cook behaviour. Further, an in depth understanding of the role of legume constituents (protein and pectin) and seed substructures in the development of hard to cook behaviour will be explored followed by digestibility studies. The final activity will relate to development of prototype products, user guidelines for different sectors involved in the legume value chain.