Implementation period

The IUC Programme will be implemented in 4 steps over a period of 12 years (see road map below): the first step is the pre-partner stage which involved match making between JKUAT partner departments and the Belgian partners. It is in the match making event that KULeuven and VUB emerged as suitable matches for specific JKUAT departments as explained in the specific projects. Once the partners were identified, the initial concept note was transformed into a full proposal in April 2016. The programme was positively evaluated in July 2016 and approved to start in Jan 2017. Phase 2 which begins in 2017 is the capacity building phase. This will include the recruitment and training of MSc and PhD students. The next phase is the consolidation and and valorization step which will involve translation of the research outputs of the first implementation phase into development outputs. The last step is the phasing out step which is the weaning step as the Programme finalizes.