Funding Body

The JKUAT University Management Board thanks VLIR-UOS and the Belgian Development Cooperation for approving and supporting the establishment of an Institutional University Cooperation (IUC) at JKUAT that will result in establishment of a Legume Centre of Excellence for Food and Nutrition Security (LCeFoNS) from Jan 2017.  This is a partnership between KULeuven (Belgium), Vrije Universiteit Brussels (Belgium) and JKUAT and it targets formulation of innovative responses to global and local challenges relating to Food and Nutrition Security using legumes as the research material. It is hoped that this IUC will build bridges between higher education on the one hand and governments, NGOs and businesses in Flanders and the South on the other. That’s because VLIR-UOS cannot have an impact on society unless it covers the entire chain from knowledge to application. This IUC Programme will strengthen the previously VLIR-UOS funded TEAM project on the Hard to cook defect of beans led by Prof. Marc Hendrickx (KULeuven, Belgium) and Dr. Daniel N. Sila (JKUAT, Kenya). It is hoped that this will result in tangible development outcomes that will transform the lives of poor Kenyans by increasing access to nutritious, easy to cook, flatulent free and affordable legume based food products.

In 2016, VLIR-UOS also funded two TEAM projects within JKUAT:

  1. Capacity building network in Biostatistics for public health innovation in Kenya (2016-2020) – led by Prof. Samuel Mwalili (JKUAT, Kenya) and Roel Braekers, (Hasselt University, Belgium)
  2. Using the edible Insect Ruspolia differens to enhance food security in East Africa (2016-2019) – led by Dr. John Kinyuru (JKUAT, Kenya) and Jozef Vanden Broeck (KU LEUVEN, Belgium)

The Vice Chancellor of JKUAT acknowledges and appreciates the continuous support from VLIR-UOS and the Belgian Development Cooperation and promises to provide a favorable environment for the implementation of the programme and projects.

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