Salute To All Our Graduates

We would like to specially salute the graduates who graduated on July 2015. It has been a long journey since admission at the intake, the toils and the strife, the hustles, the highs and lows of studies. The sacrifices made financially, emotionally, mentally and physically no words can perfectly give an expression of what truly happened during that period.
Oh what of the anxiety? Remember, the waiting of the examinations, the struggles and sleepless nights studying page after page? At times just perusing thru the pages just to have a glimpse of the content and hoping, just hoping that something out of what you read would appear in the test paper. I know you’ve these vivid memories of the worries upon worries you’d of what may or may not happen afterwards. Or the hard/smart study you’d undertaken reading everything else except from where the exams were being tested from….LOL!!
Did we forget of the tingly feeling, the expectations and the disappointments just before and after the release of the results? Oh! The looks upon the faces is just priceless! The loss of appetite and weight for some, it’s an experience and a sure lesson that no amount of fees can truly pay for.
We ought to have a honorably mention of the friends whom we’d and now leaving behind either whom were for the best or for worst and greatly hoping to get better friends ahead. Some good classmates who made your stay more bearable and some, well we all know. Some friends with firm and great personality while some being the funny ones: The joys, happiness, bliss, excitement and comfort bringing the sense of belonging, while on the hand; hardship, sadness, failures, heartbreaks and loneliness marking the lows of this unforgettable journey.
Now in our hands we hold this most coveted paper, The Certificate! Look back and reflect on the battles you’ve fought, can you truly say, “I’ve fought a good fight?” Lest we forget and slumber even before the journey begins.
The Certificate was the “easy” part; the Task is just ahead of you. But for the rest of Kisii CBD and JKUAT fraternity at large, WE SALUTE YOU and wish you all the best in your endeavors.

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