New Year 2016 Prayer

The year 2016 started sadly with mourning and grieving, for we had lost (to some) comrades, colleagues, friends and to others their family members. Nonetheless, we are giving thanks to Almighty God for His mercies and goodness He has shown us thru the past year and the far He has brought and enabled us this year.
The future is bright and blank, it’s only awaiting each and every one of us to take it positively and courageously; as we make new resolutions, new goals and aims, fresh starts and re-energizing ourselves. And by so doing we shall have an opportunity to write new things today on those blank pages and shape how tomorrow shall be. God has bestowed upon this gift and therefore, it’s upon every one of us to rouse their muscles and move from the comfort zones so as we can achieve these desired goals.
The campus re-opened on 5th January 2016, with all members of staff being in good stature, we glorify Almighty for His mercies and goodness upon our lives. It is also our prayer that the Lord of Hosts may see us thru another year yet again; by His hands shall He lead us. May God bless and give our Directorship strength and wisdom that they may guide the Campus even to higher status.

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