Exams for Current Online Teaching

This is to bring to the attention of all currently ongoing online classes that, there’ll be sit-down Examinations at the end of the end of these current semester; in particular towards the end of August.

For all the ongoing students, you’re required to do the necessary prerequisite as you usually do i.e. do online reporting on the portal, payment of your semester fees, then registration of unit thru your portals.

In changes regarding classes, whereby we’ve moved from the normal face-to-face class to embracing technology where we’re on the Online Platform (powered by KENET), we shall be required to download our teaching timetables from our Campus website www.jkuat.ac.ke/centres/kisii/downloads.

As students, you’ve a responsibility to consult with your lecturers to include you in their online classes and start your lectures for where you’ve not started. All students are also advised to look out the Examination Timetable for the current online registered students to be released.

NB: The two third class attendance rule shall also be adhered to for one to sit for the examinations.

Editors Parting Shot

COVID-19 has changed a lot, especially in the way we live, our traditions, cultures and in so many other spheres of our lives. Business is not as usual! Those who realize these early and change together with the change, are going to reap greatly from the opportunities that arise with the emergence of COVID-19.

The Coronavirus has made many lose out on their jobs and other means of their sources of living, but also those who are keen enough to watch the times have found enormous opportunities and are currently reaping the benefits thereof.

In similar manner, career professionals must change with the times. Look out for opportunities in their relevant fields to exploit for benefit to themselves and the community at large. “Mob thinking” in times like these will never move anyone towards the levels their want to achieve, you must decide for yourself whether you want to take up the “opportunities of time” given you and achieve something for yourself or waste it and wait for when the air will clear up.

Truth of the matter is, many institutions (churches included) may not be able to maintain or sustain the COVID-19 regulations as per. This is due to lack of sustainable finances, in the meantime. Online platforms on the other hand offer and provides sustainable control for the spread of COVID-19 while still allowing individuals and institutions to progress with their businesses unhedged.

It’s important to note, with Coronavirus hovering over us and the world at large like a dark cloud, it’ll remain to be business unusual. Till then, you can determine either you progress with life, with your professional career among other spheres or get stagnated.

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