Deputy Director Speaks At a Prize Giving Ceremony

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) Deputy Director, Kisii campus, Dr. Walter Bichang’a was speaking on Friday 08th June 2015 at St Patricks Mosocho Mixed Secondary School in Kitutu Chache South Sub-County during a prize giving ceremony. Dr. Bichang’a has warned parents against registering their children for tertiary education in institutions that are business oriented and not equipping the child with proper academic knowledge required.
Parents in Kisii region have been advised to enrol their children to higher learning institutions that provide quality education.
“Many parents make uninformed decisions when they are looking for a college or university to take their children to.” He said, “Do a research, inquire more and know the institutions that offer quality education. Cheap is always expensive. You may be enticed by the amount of tuition fee in a given university but i beseech you to have considerations before you register your children.”
The Deputy Director further advised parents to enrol their children in public institutions where quality education is offered. “It is through quality education that our sons and daughters will be able to help the society in various issues and aspects. This is guaranteed in public institutions because education has not been commercialized. I ask parents to be careful and do thorough research and inquiry before deciding which institution to enrol their children,” said Dr. Bichang’a.
He urged students to take advantage of the loans and bursaries to enrol for higher education, so that they can acquire knowledge to help them in the future.
“Education is now everywhere and affordable. In the past, one could not get education unless they were financially stable, but the case now is different,” he said.
Dr. Bichang’a further encouraged the youth, “There is HELB loan, Constituency Development Fund (CDF), County Bursary Fund and Ward Development Fund, that is giving students from poor backgrounds equal opportunity with those from able families in pursuing education.”

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