Best of Success in your Forthcoming December Exams

This is another humble time that the Lord has bestowed upon us to reflect upon the blessings and His grace on our lives. This far the Lord has brought us!
We started the semester with high hopes and expectations, all of us looking forward to good tidings. Though some other times tidings changed and not all things went smoothly or has we had hoped for, we can still thank our Almighty Father for the little and great things He has done thru the semester.
On behalf of the Campus management and that of the University at large we’d like to wish you all the Best of Success in your forthcoming examinations. May you reap the fruits of your labor in good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.
Encourage one another, be there for one another and most importantly pray for one another as we come to a close of end year 2015. GOD BLESS THEE!!!!!

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