Social Science Department

Message from the H.o.D

We welcome both our old, current and prospective students to the Department to join us as we endeavor to continually deliver Quality teaching, Research and Dissemination of Knowledge.
Apart from our  day to day scheduled programs, we are also flexible as we consider those who are in active employment and are unable to attend our classes during the scheduled times, they are allowed to attend evening and weekend programs and also the special needs for various religious groups are also considered.
This has enabled us to forward an increasing number of graduands yearly in various levels ranging from Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelors, Masters upto Ph.D levels since inception of JKUAT (KISII CBD) within Kisii Town in May 2010 to date.
We have highly qualified members of staff in all fields, which makes us stand out among the best Public Universities in and around Kisii town, within Kenya as a country, within Africa and beyond. We hold three intakes within a calendar year; that is, January, May and September in-takes. Our semesters run as follows: January to April, May to August and September to December. Our fee payment policy is equally friendly, as we allow lump sum payments as well as by installments within a semester. We possess a Communications Policy, Gender Violence & Abuse policy, Drug Abuse policy, HIV/AIDS Policy, and many other various policies that enable us to have strategies in place to meet the various needs of our students. We believe that “the human mind is not an empty vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited to meet the various needs of our dynamic society. And that anyone who knows how to read and write has it in his/her ability to seek knowledge for the benefit of the society around them.” As they say, “For a wise man one word is enough” so I say “Try us! You will never regret


To be a model department, viewed as a center of excellence in Teaching, Research and Innovation for development.


To provide quality training, research and innovation in crucial Social Sciences and to meet the needs of a dynamic world.


  1. To provide relevant high quality Academic Knowledge and Education in the Social Sciences and Humanities in the fields of economic, social, cultural and community development as well as communication and other related disciplines.
  2. To undertake research and study in order to come up with relevant and useful knowledge for economic, social cultural and human advancement and development.
  3. To train and produce graduates with practical leadership, social and scientific skills in order to build capacity tackle the ever changing human & social  challenges and challenges such as HIV/AIDs, and other diseases poverty, illiteracy disease, as well as cultural and social conflicts.
  4. To assist in policy formulation in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities for enhanced development.

Head of Department: Dr.  Wallace Atambo (Ph.D)

Clerk: Anne Achieng’ Onyango

Office Contact: Ext. 6912 /6982