Best wishes for KCPE &KCSE 2021 candidates from Director-Prof. J.K. Sigey

Director¬ Prof. Johana Kibet sigey PhD

Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do. You deserve nothing less than the best for I know how hard you’ve laboured for this exam. May your efforts be crowned with the very best of success in this exam. I’m not in doubt of your abilities as I know you put in your best efforts in all you do. That’s why I’m confident of excellent results for you after this exam. I could wish you luck but I know you’ve left nothing to chance in your preparation for this exam.
I’m therefore confident that the very best is yours. In this exam I’m confident of nothing short of victory for you. May landslide success be yours.  May unusual insight and understanding be yours as you prepare for this exam. Don’t fret, don’t shake, it’s only an exam. Give it your best shot and come out in flying colours. May your efforts be decorated with all the colours of the rainbow. May this exam be an opportunity for you to shine.

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